Faith Koscho Photography: Blog en-us (C) Faith Koscho Photography (Faith Koscho Photography) Wed, 11 Jul 2018 16:57:00 GMT Wed, 11 Jul 2018 16:57:00 GMT Faith Koscho Photography: Blog 120 120 Glitter Mini-Sessions | Lake County, OH These are definitely my favorite sessions to date! Glitter, glitter, and more was everywhere but worth it for the pure joy and excitement from my daughter and the beautiful images we got during her session. So. Much. Fun. She has already shown the pictures to her friends and requested that a few be printed on canvas to hang over her bed. These sessions would be perfect for a fun session for your daughters, a mom & me session, to use for holiday cards, a milestone birthday (for you or your daughter), or a maternity session. Book your session HERE!


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Family Beach Photography | Mentor, OH Headlands Beach How lucky are we to live on the water? Some of my fondest childhood memories are of going to the beach and I LOVE that it is something my children enjoy as well. You too? Book a Beach Session for your family! A super fun and quick alternative to a full length session, we'll take a variety of posed and candid shots and you will be able to choose 15 of your favorite images from a full gallery presented online. Love them all? You will have the option to purchase the full gallery at a HIGHLY discounted price once you see the images. And you will be presented with a print release upon downloading your images which means you can take them to a photo lab and have as many copies printed as you would like. These sessions will be offered on August 4th and August 11th. Book NOW!

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Editing Newborn Skin | Northeast Ohio Newborn Photographer You've been excitedly waiting for your newborn photography session with your sweet son or daughter, picking out color choices or perhaps a cute little hat or romper. When the day finally comes, your look at your precious baby's face and notice that a little baby acne has set in or they have scratched their face with those tiny razor sharp fingernails!  Or maybe your baby has a little jaundice that hasn't quite cleared up yet or a few red marks from delivery. No need for panic or disappointment! I know that these temporary skin issues come and go and don't reflect accurately on the beautiful little face that you will think back and remember in years to come. This is why I carefully hand edit each newborn photo and if needed, remove these little bumps, scratches, or temporary red marks that will likely have cleared up just a week later.


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Family Photo Session at Rockefeller Greenhouse | Cleveland, Ohio What do you do when your 6 month session falls in the winter and you want so nice family photographs? Head to a nice, warm indoor location like the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse. This is my third session with this little guy whose parents purchased a baby plan to capture every milestone during his first year and it was so good to see them again. 

Perfect family photo spot in Cleveland's chilly weather

The perfect family photo spot in Cleveland's chilly weather!


Six months old and already so inquisitive!


Thanks for trying out a new location with me guys! See you in 3 months for his 9 month session!

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My Favorite Moments of 2016 | Cleveland Newborn, Maternity, Children, and Family Photography OK, we are a week into 2017 and everyone has probably said good-bye to 2016 and is forging ahead to tackle the new year.  But I wanted to take one more moment to say good-bye to 2016 and give my clients a big THANK YOU for choosing me again and again to capture these beautiful moments in your lives. I enjoy watching your families grow so much and I love looking back at photos from when your kids were teeny tiny and watching them grow almost as much as I know you do!  

So here it is, my favorite photo from each session of 2016! of my favorite be honest it took me three days to go through and narrow it down to just one photo...there are so many that I love!  Also, keep an eye out for the photo that I took of my family's newest addition.  It may stick out a bit! :)





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Newborn Session on White | Lake County Ohio I don't usually use white for a backdrop for newborns during my sessions, at least not by itself. I do prefer neutral tones but usually I warm it up a bit with cream or beige when parents are looking for something neutral.  This time mom mentioned that she wanted a white blanket for the backdrop so white it was and I love how sweet and simple the images turned out, especially the one where it is just the baby with no wraps or headbands and the one with the white wrap and silver tie-back headband. Precious!


Newborn Session on Simple White Blanket

Sweet and simple baby girl on white for her newborn photo session!



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Maternity Session for Gorgeous Mama of (soon-to-be) Four | Painesville, OH When I first met this gorgeous mama and her family, they had just welcomed their third daughter into the world. I arrived at their home and was met at the door by two bubbly, blond-haired, blue-eyed little beauties who were excited for me to arrive, even though I hadn't met them before. I immediately felt comfortable and welcomed by the whole family, as though I was visiting friends. You would think that a mom of a preschooler, toddler, and a brand new baby would be a more than a little tired, unorganized, and flustered at the thought of planning to have someone come in her home, just a week after her baby was born, to do newborn and family photos. I have three children and I KNOW I was that mom after my youngest was born. I'm actually STILL that mom! But not this mom. The whole family looked adorable and picture ready. I was impressed with how comfortable she was when she assisted me in posing her sweet newborn, most moms aren't...even experienced moms. I remember thinking wow, she would be a fantastic assistant. And she looked flawless. Not just "fantastic for just having a baby" good, gorgeous and super photogenic good.

Painesville, OHGorgeous MamaNewborn and Family Photography Everyone looking perfect for their first family photo with newborn baby {H}.


Not too long after I photographed Megan's new baby and family, I knew I was in need of someone to help me out as my business was growing more rapidly than I could keep up with while balancing my family's needs. In my head, I was imagining someone who was smart, organized, helpful, a fast learner, and cool-headed with loads of patience (to deal with me) and great customer service skills. Someone who knew their way around the internet, social media, blogging, and technology would be amazing. Also, I was envisioning someone who was possibly a stay-at-home mom, who left a corporate career to be home with her babies like I had, but was looking to still contribute to the family's income and also enjoyed having something, outside of her family, to exercise her skills. Someone with initiative. A self-starter like me.  So, yeah, I had just a tiny wish list of traits I was hoping too find, right?  ;)

I posted on my facebook page that I was looking for an assistant and got several inquiries.  When I saw Megan's reply in my inbox I might have done a little happy dance in my kitchen. She fit the above description exactly! She had worked for 10 years in IT and left her corporate job to stay home with her children. She was also a small business owner herself and a blogger. (See her fabulous blog here: While working with her on her daughter's newborn session, I had witnessed her incredible personality, organization skills, and patience.  Eek!  My prayers were answered!

Fast-forward two years, and today Megan is texting and emailing me updates and keeping me on track all while awaiting the arrival of baby girl number four any day. She is as fantastic as ever and I am so happy we crossed paths.  I can't wait to photograph her new baby and do another family photograph, in which she will of course look flawless. Kinda like she does here in her maternity session.  


Pregnancy picturesFlawless Mama to be

We are using this coral wrap in her baby's newborn session too. 


Sun-filled maternity session in Perry, OHSun-filled maternity session in Perry, OH.

I love the sun pouring through the trees and falling on her baby bump!


Wish Megan luck in a smooth delivery and wishes for a healthy baby in the comments below!  And check back for photos of her adorable baby at the end of the month.  



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Sunflower Children's Session | Avon, OH Photographer As you have hopefully heard,  September was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Sadly, I know many families who have been affected by childhood cancer. Watching a child from the sidelines deal with cancer is heartbreaking, but the families and children who experience it firsthand amaze me.  These children are fighters and their parents are some of the most dedicated people I've met. Ed and Megan Mcnamara are two of those parents.  After losing their daughter Maria, age 7, to one of the deadliest forms of cancer, they started a foundation to raise awareness and funding for research, treatment, and a cure called Prayers from Maria - Children's Glioma Cancer Foundation.  Prayers FROM Maria because even though she was so sick herself, she prayed for the other children fighting cancer that she met while undergoing treatment. One of their fundraisers each year is that they plant a 16 acre field in Avon with gorgeous sunflowers, "Seeds of Hope".  We visited the field, which blooms in September during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and it is a stunning sight. Please consider donating to Prayers from Maria or participating in one of their events.  You can follow them on Facebook to be kept up to date on there latest events:

sunflower field children's photo sessionAvon,OH Sunflower Children's Photography SessionSunflower Session | Avon, OH | Cleveland Chiildren's Photographer

  Avon,OH Family photography

Children's portrait session

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My Top 5 Reasons to Love Fall | Fall Mini-Session Giveaway  

Eek!  Fall is finally here.  It is my favorite time of year for so many reasons!  I have been wishing for fall for a month now. Summer is great and everything. Who doesn't love the sunshine, especially here in Northeast Ohio where sun can be very hard to come by? But when the nights start getting cooler and we still have that beautiful sunshine during the day, filtering through the colorful autumn trees, I want to be outside even more. And besides the cooler weather and the gorgeous foliage, there are SO many other reasons to love the season.  Here are my Top 5 Reasons Fall is Fantastic:

1. Sweater weather. And jeans. And cute boots. Or a hoodie and jeans and adorable rain boots. And cute scarves...that you can finally wear as accessories to add a little pop to your outfit without getting overheated.  I tried to pull off adding a scarf here and there to my outfit this summer and as soon as I got home I immediately peeled my sweaty scarf off so I could breathe again.  The things we do for fashion!

2. Seasonal food. Apple cider, apple crisp, chili, soup, anything that has cooked all day in the crockpot, pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!  I may or may not have gone to sleep last night, like a kid on Christmas Eve, excited for morning to come so I could have a cup of coffee with the pumpkin spice coffee creamer I just bought.  Yup, I'm that girl.

3. Fall foliage. Winter in Northeast Ohio means everything is a shade of gray. Summer means everything is a shade of green (or brown if we don't get rain). But fall...oh the colors! No matter where you look there is a good chance that you will have a beautiful backdrop of reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and browns. So gorgeous!  And as a photographer it means that you can't go wrong with capturing amazing, colorful images in just about every location. So beautiful.

4. Halloween. You dress up and pretend to be someone or something else and ask strangers for candy and they give it to you.  And no one thinks you are weird. In fact, the weirder you are, the more people love it. And again, because it bears repeating, candy...lots and lots of candy. For FREE.  Gain a little weight?  That's OK.  You aren't having to get into that swimsuit because, see #1.

5. My birthday. My birthday is in October. October 5th to be exact. I love that my birthday is in the fall, the season of sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes, colorful trees, and free candy. When I was younger, my birthday was a very exciting time. My mom would throw me big parties as a kid. As 20-something I may have used the excuse that it was my "birthday month" as an excuse to party and treat myself to lots of fall shopping trips all month long.  These days I think " birthday is coming up!" followed immediately by "Crap, I'm another year older!"  


I need everyone to help me make my birthday something to look forward to again!  So I've decided to give away a spot during my Fall Family Mini-Sessions!  The sessions will take place on October 17th and 18th at Skok Meadow in Concord Twp, OH in Lake County. One person will win a 30 minute session for up to 5 immediate family members along with 10 digital images with a print release so that you may print them yourself.  If you have already purchased a mini-session and still want to enter, your free session may be used on a future date during 2016.  Want to secure one of the limited spots left for my fall mini-sessions before the contest ends?  Click here!  See below to enter and share!



Fall Mini-Session by Faith Koscho Photography





















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New Baby Girl and Family In-Home Photography Newborn Session in Shaker Heights, OH Newborns are so sweet and cuddly and sleepy...usually.  Every so often I run into a baby who just is not a sound sleeper.  For these light sleepers, we do the best we can to keep the baby happy and still get fantastic shots.  Sometimes that means an hour of rocking and shushing.  Sometimes that means a nice long breastfeeding session after which they finally relax and are just out for the remainder of the session as we move from pose to pose.  And sometimes that means that the little one just wants mom and isn't interested in anything else so I come back for a second session to make sure that mom and dad have a good selection to choose from.  So was the case with this little princess from Shaker Heights.  I traveled to my client's home and started off the session getting some great shots of her big brother and dad in the backyard while mom and baby finished getting ready.  Next we took some beautiful family shots outdoors.  But when it was time to move indoors and give baby girl her time in front of the camera on her own, she was not interested.  I got what I could and mom and I set up a second session for the following week.  They grow so fast and these teeny tiny brand new days are numbered so I wanted to make sure we captured as many as we could.  Our second session didn't go much better than the first as she just wanted to cuddle with mom and eat...who can blame her...but between the two we got some wonderful images of those first days at home.

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Newborn Boy with Baseball Theme | Mentor, OH Newborn Photographer This adorable little guy is the second child I have photographed for this family.  I photographed his big brother as a newborn and throughout his first year as well and I'm so excited that his parents are Baby Plan clients so I get to watch this little guy grow too.  His daddy works for the Cleveland Indians and we did a baseball themed setup for his newborn photo as well as held his first birthday session on the field at Progressive Field. So cool!  Now mom and dad have two little guys to play baseball with.  <3


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Newborn and Family Photography Session at Home in Sagamore Hills,OH I traveled to Sagamore Hills to photograph this sweet little newborn and his older brother and sister.  I have been photographing most newborn sessions in my studio these days but there is something special about photographing a family in their home and when you have multiple small children, or a pet that you want to include, it is a no photography is much easier on mom and dad!  This family had the perfect space with great light in their front room and I set up there to do the posed newborn shots.  When it came time to do the sibling shots, a great big chair, perfect for three little ones to cuddle in, was the perfect spot for a sweet sibling shot!  We even got a great photo with the family dog who was thrilled to jump into photos with her "siblings".  


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Baby Photography -Six Month Mini-Session | Mentor, OH I love, love, love the 6 month stage.  Babies are starting to sit on their own and are so curious about the world.  They are usually all smiles too.  But sometimes, like in their little guy's case, they can be a little unsure of new people.  Mom and Dad planned a mini-session for just their son, but he was not too sure about being in the spotlight without his parents nearby.  So what did we learn?!  Come to your session ready to be photographed!  While Mom and Dad weren't photo-ready, we found a way to incorporate them while still making their little guy the focus and I love how these turned out.

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Newborn and Family Photography | Lakewood, OH I love when clients schedule multiple sessions with me, like this couple did for their Maternity Session and Newborn Session.  The more time we spend together, the better I get to know them, and the better I can capture their personalities and their preferences for their sessions.  I hope this couple will be back for future sessions as their little ones grows.  It will be particularly wonderful to capture their little man as he progresses through the surgical process to repair his cleft palate.  Mom and Dad were already pros by the time this little guy was a week old, having the special bottle feeding process down and already on top of things regarding scheduling of his upcoming surgeries, all while sleep deprived and adjusting to becoming a family of three.  Best of luck to all three of them!

   Copyright Faith Koscho Photography

Copyright Faith Koscho Photography

Copyright Faith Koscho Photography

Copyright Faith Koscho Photography

Copyright Faith Koscho Photography

Copyright Faith Koscho Photography

Copyright Faith Koscho Photography

Copyright Faith Koscho Photography




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Newborn Sports Fan | Painesville, OH Newborn Photographer I photographed this little guy when the Cleveland Cavaliers where in the playoffs.  His mommy got this Cavs themed hat from the fabulous Hazel Mae Boutique. We HAD to celebrate the Cavs making it into the finals, that definitely does not happen often!  

Littlest Cavs Fan © Faith Koscho Photography

The biggest winning team in Ohio, the Ohio State Buckeyes, got a nod from this potential future Buckeye as well.  This hat is also from Hazel Mae.

Baby Buckeye ©Faith Koscho Photography

And although this little guy was not a fan of having his picture taken, he was perfect for this shot with the soccer ball.  I am betting a goalie's jersey is in his future!

Newborn Soccer Star ©Faith Koscho Photograhpy



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Jillian & Matthew | Intimate Seattle Wedding Sole Repair.

Since they walked together, along with their children, from the hotel where the got ready to the wedding venue, a first look was in order!


With no time between the ceremony and the celebration with their guests, we got in family photos and some of just the two of them on the way to the ceremony.  Did I mention they have four children?

Sole Repair was a fun, laid back atmosphere, perfect for their afternoon ceremony and small reception.  Many of the decorations were handmade by Jillian herself and their kids, along with nieces and nephews were right at home with all of the special touches just for them.

With their children walking them down the aisle, serving as witnesses, and participating in the ceremony, it was a joining together of two souls as well as the official binding together of their beautiful family.


Making it official by signing the marriage certificate and sealing it with their first kiss as husband and wife!

Thank you so much Jillian and Matthew for allowing Suzy (my fabulous second shooter and friend, Suzanne Hunt) and I to be part of your day!]]> (Faith Koscho Photography) children family photography Seattle Sole Repair wedding Thu, 08 Jan 2015 21:57:00 GMT
A Year in Review | Northeast Ohio Newborn Photographer
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Spring Family Mini-Sessions | Mentor, OH Photographer
The session below was held at Garfield Park in Mentor.  I hear so many people say, what is so special about Garfield Park as a photography backdrop.  And the truth is, a photographer looks at things differently than those who aren't photographers. We can see amazing light when others just throw on some sunglasses.  We can frame a perfect shot where others see a bunch or trees or buildings or flowers with mounds of dirt on either side.  It doesn't take the perfect location to come out of a session with gorgeous images.  I've had clients follow me to a location which ended up being a spot on the side of the road.  I'm sure they were wondering what they had gotten themselves into until they were shown their completed gallery and all thoughts of a gravely road side stop had completely been forgotten.

I've photographed this family a few times now and they are the greatest clients.  Such a wonderful family and so photogenic.

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Baby's First Year Video | Painesville, OH Photographer

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Hazel Mae Boutique | Vendor of the Week Hazel Mae Boutique is one of my absolute favorite boutiques for beautiful headbands, hats, and newborn prop crowns.  I've used her headbands and hats in numerous photo sessions and she has made me custom items with short notice.  So not only does she sell beautiful quality items, her customer service it fantastic!

This adorable penguin hat was perfect for this little guy, whose parents are big fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

And the headbands.....just gorgeous!

She has something in every color you could want and even takes custom orders!

Here is a little bit about Hazel mae Boutique from the owner herself:

My name is Monica Price. I created Hazel Mae Boutique (March 2012) after giving birth to my sweet baby girl, Mya Hazel Price (7 months). She is my inspiration for every headband I make. I try to match most outfits out there by the color, so you can finish every outfit right!

I came up with the name Hazel Mae by combining my daughter’s middle name and my own middle name because they’re headbands for her, made by me! I have always been crafty (I get it from my mom!) so I decided after having a hard time finding any cute headbands that I could make them myself! So here I am. Mya now has way too many so I don’t know where to put them all.

I don’t just have the best little daughter one could ask for, but I have the best husband also! We have been married for almost 2 years (October 9th, 2010). Alan works full time, coaches Lacrosse and goes to school on Saturday all to make a better life for Mya and me, and so I can be the stay at home mom I have always wanted to be! He is my everything!

I hope you enjoy shopping at Hazel Mae Boutique, and hope you will tell all your friends about us!

Look for Hazel Mae Boutique's items to be featured on my Facebook page this week! From now through Saturday, she is offering fans of Faith Koscho Photography 25% off of their orders using the coupon code: KoschoFan

She is also giving away a $15 gift certificate to her shop to one lucky winner!  Enter below for a chance to win!  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway]]> (Faith Koscho Photography) children coupon code Euclid giveaway hats Hazel Mae Boutique headbands newborn crown newborns photography props Vendor of the week Tue, 26 Mar 2013 11:40:00 GMT